Everything's coming up veg @ community plot 252

The shed is getting painted, beds are being dug, the weeds uprooted and the crops are looking just fine and tasty!

There's still lots to do down at community plot 252 on the Moneyfields allotment site. If you want to join in and give us a hand contact us through this website - we're always looking for volunteers to help maintain the plot.



Holiday Hunger

With school holidays drawing to a close, many families are still facing the challenge of providing healthy, nutritious food for their kids.

That's why Food Portsmouth is still sending out as much fresh fruit and vegetables as we can to the adventure playgrounds and youth clubs across Portsmouth, in addition to the hot lunch we already supply.

Tim Head from Stamshaw adventure playground regularly collects a colourful selection.

Tim Head from Stamshaw adventure playground collecting fruit for the Holiday Hunger campaign.jpg

Waste Not Want Not: How to turn food waste into gold

Sign the petition and help fund the cost of redistributing more edible surplus food to charity

For £10-15m - a fraction of the cash winding its way to the DUP - the government could fund the redistribution of 100,000 tonnes of edible surplus food and drink per year. Good, tasty food currently ending up in the ground, spread on crops or burned in incinerators could instead be eaten by some of the UK’s most vulnerable people, while saving the charities on which they rely hundreds of millions.


From burnt toast to chicken curry in the Men's Kitchen

For a lot of men – of all ages – the prospect of venturing into the kitchen to cook a meal is rather a daunting one. Even though it's impossible to walk into a book shop nowadays without being confronted by dozens of recipe books – all claiming to make cooking easy.

Read more at: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/lifestyle/food-and-drink/big-read-from-burnt-toast-to-chicken-curry-in-the-men-s-kitchen-1-8400007