Holiday Fun & Kids Eat Free

Summer holidays are upon us and, for many families with children who get free school lunches, providing those extra meals can be a struggle.

After the sucess of last year's pilot, Food Portsmouth is working with PCC's six adventure playgrounds again to provide a free lunch on selected days.  Beans on toast and fruit will be prepared by the kids, playground staff and volunteers to make sure the kids continue to get a warm meal in a safe, active and sociable environment.

Last year we found some interesting, and sometimes shocking things. We found that for many children, lunch was the first meal of the day during the summer holidays; 45% of children asked stated that they hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning. However, 79% of children HAD eaten lunch the day before.

Eating breakfast is an important meal at any age. It helps to provide us with energy for the day ahead so we can concentrate, keep cravings in check, and have the energy to go about our daily tasks. To discover that almost half of children asked hadn’t had breakfast that morning is a concern, particularly if that is what happens during term time; impacting on learning.

We also found that 33% of children had not eaten any vegetables the previous day, but 39% had drunk a sugary soft drink that morning when asked. This highlights a worrying trend that children are not eating the fresh and nutritious diet they need to grow healthily, and instead consuming too much sugar in the form of soft drinks.

This year, not only will we continue to get a local perspective on summer holiday eating and activity trends, but the programme will also form part of Northumbria University's national research into child poverty. #summerholidays #schoolsout #communityeals #healthyeating

A People's Food Policy

England's first people-led food & farming plan is launched!

We're very excited to announce our support of A PEOPLE'S FOOD POLICY.

Our vision is of a food system where everybody, regardless of income, status or background, has secure access to enough good food at all times, without compromising on the wellbeing of people, the health of the environment and the ability of future generations to provide for themselves.

A People’s Food Policy is a ground-breaking manifesto outlining a people’s vision of food and farming in England that is supported by over 80 food and farming organisations. The report draws on 18 months of extensive, nation-wide consultations with grassroots organisations, NGOs, trade unions, community projects, small businesses and individuals. It has resulted in a set of policy proposals and a vision for change that is rooted in the lived experiences and needs of people most affected by the failures in the current food system.

For more informaiton visit:





What happened with Community Gardens Open Day

July 1st was Portsmouth’s first Community Gardens Open Day. Fifteen community gardens, from Wymering Manor in the north to The Growing Place @Treadgolds in the south, to the community allotments in Milton, opened their gates in celebration of these precious urban growing spaces, carved out of our densely populated city.

Organised by Food Portsmouth, the Community Gardens Open Day aimed to raise awareness of our community gardens and showcase these, often little-known, verdant gems that provide peace and calm for the local and wider communities. The event also aimed to get more residents involved in planting, learning and growing food, bringing together like-minded people to enjoy the gentle activity, and benefits of gardening.

Visitors on Saturday told us how much they enjoyed seeing so many different gardens and growing spaces, how impressed they were with them, and how much they valued the work being done.

2017 was the first open day, and certainly won’t be the last.  It succeeded in what it aimed to do: it has put the event on the calendar, and the gardens on the map.

Next year we will showcase more community spaces, get more folk growing and look forward to welcoming more visitors to Portsmouth’s second Community Gardens Open Day.

Portsmouth's first Open Gardens Day 1st July #GetGrowing

To celebrate Portsmouth’s community gardens and precious green spaces, we are organising the city’s first Open Gardens Day.

On Saturday 1st July, 15 sites across the city will be open and accessible to visitors to show off what they do best.  Volunteers will demonstrate how easy it is to grow fruit, vegetables or herbs - even in dense urban areas - and how to get involved in what’s going on in the city.

Gardens will be open from 12 noon to 2pm. All you need to do is drop by, say hello and see how good it feels to #GetGrowing!

Gardens open include: Wymering Manor, PO6 3NL; *Hilsea Fruiting Hedge, PO3 5ET, Fratton Global Garden @Manor Infant School, PO1 5QR; Stacey Centre Community Orchard PO3 6DN, Cornwallis Crescent Orchard, PO1 4DF, Landport Community Garden, PO1 1JD, The Porters Historic Garden, PO1 3LJ, Treadgolds Community Garden, PO1 3DA, Omega Centre, PO5 4LP, Somerstown Adventure Playground Garden, PO5 4HS, The Garden @ArtSpace, 27 Brougham Rd, PO5 4PA 12, *Portsmouth Cathedral Green, PO1 2HH, *Wimbledon Park Patch, PO5 2UP, Southsea Green, PO4 9RG, Milton Piece Community Allotment, PO4 8L. *these spaces will be unattended but available to visit

#GetGrowing #communityGardens ~GrowYourOwn #gardening #healthyeating #healthyliving