Welcome to Food Portsmouth!

We're super excited to have our website and blog up and running. We will be profiling one food project in the city each month. This could be anything from a growing space, a food entrepreneur, a supper club, or an emergency food project. We'll come to interview you, take some photos and then write it up to share with the world - you can of course then link to the piece from your website and social media too! 

Food Portsmouth aim to put Portsmouth and Southsea on the 'Good Food' radar of the UK, sharing all the fabulous community projects and innovative businesses we have happening right here. We feel that spreading the word about Good Food is really important to help encourage and remind people why eating well is so important for ourselves, for our community, for the economy, and for the environment.

If you'd like to be featured as our 'Project of the Month' then drop us a line to discuss it with our Partnership Coordinator.