Sustainable food is good for business

Do you - or your customers -  want to make the food you offer more sustainable? more ethical? higher welfare? local? seasonal? Fairtrade?  Or maybe you simply want a point of difference over your competitors. Customer demand for all types of sustainable food is increasing - a recent YouGov poll found that almost two-thirds of U.K. consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainably sourced food - not that it actually need be more expensive. But working out where to start can be confusing - what fish are ok to buy? Is organic all it's cracked up to be? What do all those logos like the Red Tractor really mean? What should you be asking for from your suppliers? And, if they can't get me what I want, who can? what's the best way to tell customers about what you're doing? 

Rosie Blackburn, a sustainable food consultant who lives in south east Hampshire can help. Rosie's worked with lots of organisations on all scales, helping them with their food - from huge London hospitals, to schools, restaurants and cafes - advising them on what can be done easily and often inexpensively and how to ensure your customers know, so they know you care and keep coming back to you - simple things like using free range eggs can make a big difference to customer loyalty. Offering more sustainable food also shows that you take your environmental responsibility seriously, can improve staff loyalty, cut costs on waste and bring in lots of positive PR - there are numerous awards waiting to be won.

Rosie's keen to find new clients to work with in Portsmouth and is therefore offering two, free of charge, initial(that would take an hour or two) to the first two organisations that contact her via

It doesn't matter if your organisation is buying in catering once a month or food for thousands daily, Rosie looks forward to hearing from you (and, she points out, even if you don't win one of the free audits, it's worth knowing she doesn't charge the earth either and will tailor her services to your needs).