What happened with Community Gardens Open Day

July 1st was Portsmouth’s first Community Gardens Open Day. Fifteen community gardens, from Wymering Manor in the north to The Growing Place @Treadgolds in the south, to the community allotments in Milton, opened their gates in celebration of these precious urban growing spaces, carved out of our densely populated city.

Organised by Food Portsmouth, the Community Gardens Open Day aimed to raise awareness of our community gardens and showcase these, often little-known, verdant gems that provide peace and calm for the local and wider communities. The event also aimed to get more residents involved in planting, learning and growing food, bringing together like-minded people to enjoy the gentle activity, and benefits of gardening.

Visitors on Saturday told us how much they enjoyed seeing so many different gardens and growing spaces, how impressed they were with them, and how much they valued the work being done.

2017 was the first open day, and certainly won’t be the last.  It succeeded in what it aimed to do: it has put the event on the calendar, and the gardens on the map.

Next year we will showcase more community spaces, get more folk growing and look forward to welcoming more visitors to Portsmouth’s second Community Gardens Open Day.