Help Fuel FoodCycle Portsmouth to support those in need

Every year almost 12m over-65s receive £100 or more from the government to help with winter fuel bills. However, unlike many benefits, the winter fuel payment is not means tested, and is paid regardless of income or savings.

While this payment is essential to many older residents, some over 65s do not need, or indeed want, to take this payment and would rather it went to those who need it more.

Baroness Joan Bakewell, the journalist, famously said wealthy pensioners should donate their winter fuel allowance to charity. She told one newspaper that she had tried to send her payment back - but "they wouldn't have it."

FoodCycle Portsmouth however, will have it.

We are an volunteer run organisation that provides community meals twice a week. Our guests include those who are perhaps struggling financially, living in temporary accommodation or on the streets, or those that find themselves socially isolated. We feed them all – and more besides.

As a local charity, Foodcycle Portmsouth depend on fundraising and financial donations to keep going. Funds are needed for a host of things that include keeping our van on the road to collect surplus food from supermarkets; pay for insurance, kitchen hire, volunteer training and support; equipment, compliance, dry goods … and so this list goes on.

If you are one of those fortunate members of our community who isn’t in need of your winter fuel allowance this year then why not use it to help support others less fortunate? You can donate safely and quickly to FoodCycle Portsmouth by clicking on this link

100% of your contribution will make a difference to someone’s life and wellbeing.