Kids breakfast experience

Everything was new for me, because I had never done anything like that before. At first I was little bit nervous because it was my first day of work experience.

I tried to calm down myself and started preparing breakfast. The children of the scheme began to come little by little. First, they were shy when I asked if they wanted to have something but it’s normal because it was their first day of Kids Club. Some of them asked me for one or two slices of toasts with butter, jam and some juice. (I don’t know why, but almost children love the blackcurrant and apple juice)

I was making toast for a half hour and the time went very fast because it was entertaining so when I wanted to realise, the children had already left. Then we washed the kitchen stuff and ended the breakfast session.

It was a good experience, and I liked that because I was helping people that needed it.

On the second day I felt that there was more confidence in the environment, also because the children already knew each other and they had no problem in waiting for their turn to take some toasts or juice.

The third day, on Wednesday, as well as serving breakfast, we served the launch. We had two full trays of macaroni with tomato and vegetables to give to the kids. It was very rewarding for me because after being playing all the morning, they were so hungry, some of them even had seconds. We put the remaining food in takeaway boxes for the dinner the next day.

On Friday, the kids were quite sad because it was their last day at the Kids Club and they had made a lot of new friends. I felt confident to talk with them about how their last week was here and which things they liked about the programme.

I really appreciate the opportunity to help them and how I changed my mind about that. I would recommend this experience to anyone without doubts.