Volunteering experience

Last 23rd April, I had the opportunity to be volunteer for first time in my life. I was really exciting, we had to cook the dinner for 20 people. I was working with the people of Food Cycling Portsmouth, they were too nice and helped me every time I needed.

For this time, I was volunteer with a classmate who is doing here her Erasmus, and doesn’t doubt a second to help us.

At first, they gave to the people coffee or tea, the meal was a typical English soup, rice with vegetables and a bit of curry and for desert one cake with ham. I had to cut onions, mushrooms, potatoes…

Also I took some pictures for FoodPortsmouths’ Instagram account. We had a nice time talking and cooking and everything was really good cooked.

I want to appreciate all the work that do the people of Food Cycle collecting food to cook for people that really need.

With no doubts I’m going to repeat this experience and I’m waiting yet for the next time!