Introducing Abundance Portsmouth

Abundance Portsmouth aims to harvest surplus and wasted food, (mainly fruit) from trees and hedgerows across the city of Portsmouth and re-distribute it to those who need it. We promote the cultivation of urban food in order to feed people, build community and protect the climate.

Care for ourselves, each other and our food sources by:
o increasing the amount of fruit harvested
o feeding those who most need it with the surplus fruit
o educating people about

  •  where food comes from
  • how to grow more food in our city
  • how to care for fruit trees, hedgerows etc
  • how to harvest well
  • how to prepare and preserve fruit
  • healthy eating
  • the joy and fun of connecting with nature.

Protect & Champion: campaign to retain existing public fruit trees and promote the benefits of fruit trees on private land, whilst promoting the planting of more fruiting trees and hedgerows across the city in public places such as parks, cemeteries, hospital grounds, housing estates, business and industrial estates, schools, along roadsides and on private land.

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